New Commons Group + Listserv for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter has a new listserv!

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter Group is live on ARLIS/NA’s Humanities Commons, and includes a discussion board to replace conversations that would have taken place via listserv. If you would like to continue to receive emails on chapter topics, please join the group!

To move to the new group, please join ARLIS/NA Commons using the same email address you use for your ARLIS/NA membership. If you already have a Humanities Commons login, you can email to request that your account be linked to the ARLIS/NA Commons.

After July 25, 2022, the current LSV listserv will be defunct, and all listserv communication will be through the Commons platform.

Send an email to and a new forum topic will be posted in ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and sent out to those who elect to receive email notifications (hint: elect to receive email notifications!)

  • Compose a new email from the same email address you registered with.
  • Put the address above in the “To:” field of the email.
  • The email subject will become the topic title.

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