Chapter Announces Three Travel Awards for 51st Annual Conference in Mexico City

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ARLIS/NA encourages its members to participate in the 51st
Annual Conference in Mexico City. The Chapter will offer one Backlund and two WALRC awards.

Caroline Backlund Award
This award was established in 2002 and is named in honor of Caroline Backlund (1920-2016)
who had a distinguished career as an art librarian, educator, and author. Mrs. Backlund, a long-
time chapter member and received the ARLIS/NA Distinguished Service Award in 1989 for her
contributions to the Society. The Backlund award is intended to help student members of the
Mid-Atlantic Chapter become more involved in the ARLIS/NA at the national level by
participating in the conference and serving on committees. This award is funded by contributions
from Chapter members. There will be one Caroline Backlund Award to encourage student
participation. The award amount is $1,000.

Criteria: Students must be enrolled at least part-time in a library/information science school and
must be current member of ARLIS/NA and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Weight will be given to
students who are participating in the conference as a presenter or leader of a group.

Application: The deadline for applications is Friday, January 6, 2023.

Students should submit a resume, a travel budget including any expected funding from the
applicant’s school or other sources, and a brief letter stating the benefits of attending the
conference and the impact that ARLIS/NA will have on their chosen profession.

Washington Art Library Resources Committee Award
The Washington Art Library Resources Committee (WALRC) comprised research libraries in
the Greater Washington, DC area. In 1981, WALRC published Art serials: union list of art
periodicals and serials in research libraries in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area (edited by
Carolyn S. Larson) which proved to be a very useful and popular publication. In 2018 WALRC,
which had been inactive for many years, disbanded and the funds from the sale of the publication
were transferred to the Chapter. The WALRC Award is intended for professional (i.e. non-
student) members of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter to become more involved with ARLIS/NA at the
national level. Funding for the award is provided by income from WALRC invested accounts.
There will be two Washington Art Library Resources Committee Awards for 2023. The awards
will be $1,000 each.

Criteria: Award applicants must be a current member of ARLIS/NA the ARLIS/NA Mid-
Atlantic Chapter. Preference will be given to chapter members who are participating in the
conference or are members of committees or other leadership groups where their participation is

Application: The deadline for applications is Friday, January 6, 2023.

Applicants for the awards should submit a current résumé or curriculum vitae and a letter
describing the benefits anticipated from conference attendance, their specific role in the
conference (if applicable), and a travel budget including any expected funding from the
applicant’s institution or other sources.

Please send applications to:
Gregory P. J. Most
Chair, ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Travel Awards Committee

Call for volunteers/nominees: Mid-Atlantic Vice Chair and Treasurer

We are seeking nominees (including self-nominations) for two ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Board positions: Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Treasurer, to begin in January 2023. Serving as an officer is a great way to contribute to the Chapter, build leadership skills, and meet and develop relationships with wonderful art library colleagues in the Mid-Atlantic area. Please submit your nominations by Monday, November 21.

Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2 years)

This is a three year position, and the Vice Chair will automatically assume the position of Chair in their second year of service followed by a concluding year as Immediate Past Chair.

Vice Chair duties are as follows: 

  • The Vice Chair acts as chief executive officer in the event that the Chair is unable to serve, assists with meeting programming, keeps meeting minutes, and automatically serves as Chair the following year.
  • The Chair acts as chief executive officer of the Chapter. 
  • With the assistance of the Vice-Chair and Treasurer, the Chair plans the activities of the Chapter, communicates about meetings, serves as chair of all special project committees, submits the annual report and otherwise liaises with officers and committees of the national association, and shall automatically become the Immediate Past Chair in the following year.

Treasurer (2 years)

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all documents and correspondence regarding membership and handle all financial accounts of the Chapter. The Treasurer will also oversee membership accounts, new and renewals. The Treasurer will serve a term of two years.


To qualify for these positions, one must be 2022/2023 members of the chapter and the society. The elected officers should make every effort to attend the society’s annual conference. Students are also eligible to serve(keeping in mind the three year term of service).

To nominate yourself or another chapter member, or if you have questions about the role, please email the current and incoming chapter chairs, Anne Evenhaugen and Yuki Hibben, by Monday, November 21.

Thank you for your consideration!

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Fall Meeting in Washington D.C.

Save the date!

Friday November 4, 2022


We’re still developing the schedule, but the day will include local tours, membership presentations, and a hybrid business meeting.

Call for Presentations:

Please consider sharing your work with your colleagues! Presentations can be 5-10 minutes in length, and can include powerpoint, etc. You’ll notice there is no requested theme—we would really like to see what bubbles up without this and potentially have a wider range of topics, so please think about sharing anything related to your work in an art library, such as collections, space projects, social media, mentoring or staffing, acquisitions, Covid-specific adaptations, etc. If you have questions, feel free to reach out! Please send reply to the call before 9/26 to be notified and give ample time to prepare.